Why Health Industry Need Mobile Technology to Stop COVID-19 ?

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The COVID-19 pandemic means that many of us stay at home and do less in terms of social interactions and exercise. It can have a negative impact on your physical and mental health.

Smartphone apps are playing a big role in responding to the Covid-19 epidemic. These apps are used to track infections, issue self-control guidelines, provide new communications to citizens, and reduce the burden on healthcare workers. Around the world, from the United States, millions of applications have been downloaded.
Two Silicon Valley tech giants, Apple and Google, have joined hands to develop an app that will help healthcare companies.

Technology is protected in diagnosing victims, identifying hotspots, and getting real-time updates. Although the issue of data privacy is at risk, many app developers are now trying to keep the mechanisms in place to protect user privacy.

The U.S. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which regulates workplace safety and health issues and enforces the Occupational Safety and Health Act about 1970, describes the community’s prevalence of COVID19 in each geographical area when considering the frequency of workplace inspections. And its implementation priorities.

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Some Healthcare Apps to stop Covid- 19 Spread


The app was designed by doctors and researchers at King’s College London and St.Thomas Hospitals in collaboration with private healthcare company Zoe Global. It studies the spread of the virus for advanced research. Help track the spread Scientists analyzed the UK’s high-risk areas, the viral transmission speed and the most vulnerable groups, based on health conditions. This app is GDPR compliant and the data is used for healthcare research purposes only, not for commercial purposes.

#2. Glucose Buddy

Millions of users have made Glucose Buddy from Sky Health the most popular diabetes management application today for both iPhone and Android users.

This free app is a data storage utility that allows users to enter glucose, carb consumption, insulin intake and activity, and then view the logs in their online accounts. Push notifications help the user take responsibility.

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#3. Healthy heart 2

For patients at high risk of heart disease, this free patient app serves as a heart health journal, allowing users to record blood pressure, pulse, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, medications and more and analyze their data in graphs to Let patients share with them. Doctors Healthy Heart 2, developed by Ringful Health, available on iTunes.

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