List of Finance application development companies in middle east

Fintech application development companies Demand is quite high and using a good fintech application can help speed up the decision-making process. The use of AI in automated processes powers customer interactions to the point that 95% of all those interactions are significantly better compared to the past decade. This is because many customers prefer to deal with machines rather than humans.

It is evident from the multiple benefits mentioned above and the speed at which technology and smartphones are spreading to everyone in the world, that fintech applications are all set to be the future of financial transactions. Further Fintech App development in financial Industry are expected to ensure that these applications can perform a wider variety of tasks. The importance of fintech applications will only increase in the future as humanity continues its efforts to make life easier and transactions safer.

List of Finance application development companies in middle east

1. USM Business Systems

USM Business Systems, UAE’s most trusted mobile app development company
Mobile applications are gaining momentum with the rapid technological advancement in the industry. These intelligent applications serve as powerful business tools that add value to your business, increase productivity, and expand your customer base. With mobile apps, you can expand your reach by building closer connections with your customers.

As a leading Mobile application development company in Behrain , UAE, Texas, USA, India, USM promises to provide best-in-class mobile application development services and solutions for every vertical industry. We have a proven track record of delivering hundreds of successful mobile applications to clients around the world with 100% customer satisfaction.

From app conceptualization to development, we cover the entire mobile app development cycle, no matter the diversity and complexity of your project needs. Our confidence in providing high-quality mobile application development services stems from our dedicated team of mobile application developers with extensive experience in the global application solution services and product engineering industries. At USM Business Systems, strive to simplify business workflows, integrate key functions into one seamless model, and increase your business productivity.

2. Hyena Technologies

Another mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE that has achieved success in the industry in a short period is Hyena Technologies. Their team of designers and developers consists of qualified, well-trained, and experienced IT professionals. What makes them stand out in the Middle East is their unique approach of combining responsive approach and next-generation technology solutions to provide you with the best-developed products.

3. FuGenX Technologies

FuGenX is an award-winning technology consulting firm focused on digital transformation, serving mobile application development, e-commerce stores, and hybrid mobile applications. They deliver some of the best-in-class digital solutions to companies in various industries including retail, media, healthcare, and more, transforming their business models and activities. They have served some well-known brands such as Bigbasket, Byju’s, Fleetgenie, Bhimart, Easy Tarmac, AI Ansari Exchange, T24 Mobile, Vodafone conferencing, Gmento.

4. Techugo

Based in the Middle East but making their name not only in Dubai but in India and USA as well, Techugo is proud to be one of the highest-rated mobile app developers and a go-to for so many companies in UAE and abroad. Their development process involves close evaluation of your business and the creation of a mobile application that serves its purpose and lets your business show its maximum potential. What started with a team of 10 people has now become a group of 120+ skilled developers and strategists who have delivered over 200 projects in 15 different countries.

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5. Applify

Why is it that you should even consider this particular mobile app development company for hiring? This is an all-in-one sort of deal, with Applify you get an award-winning design studio, a skilled and experienced development team, marketing gurus, strategists, and a genius in the field of app development. They are a leading Mobile app development company with their offices almost all over the world, UK, US, UAE, Doha, Singapore & India. What makes them different from their competitors is their designs and product superiority. Having worked with several clients and dozens of apps later they have made a successful name in the industry.

How Much Does it cost to develop Fintech Applications in UAE

Another question most business leaders focused on building fintech applications face is “why is it so hard to figure out the Cost of Mobile app development?”

The main reason is that the estimation process is a rather challenging task. In our experience, the uniqueness of the solution is not the only reason for blurring the estimates. We pick out more reasons, including:

Lack of time and understanding of the project: Estimates are often required in a very short period before the team develops a clear specification of the solution requirements. A typical situation is when software development companies are forced to provide too fast cost estimates for solutions they don’t yet fully understand.

Inability to form a clear, complete, and reliable specification early: Fulfilling a clear set of requirements is complex, especially at the beginning of a project. Many times, even business owners have only one idea and cannot shape the demand. In this case, we recommend first validating the idea in the market with a Minimum Viable Product (or MVP), which is a basic version of an application with only valuable features.

Rapid changes in information technology (IT) and business environments: Demand changes are more of a rule than an exception. For example, it’s hard to predict how long it will take to integrate with a third-party system you haven’t used and what hidden problems the process might cause (which requires more detailed investigation). It is more difficult to foresee market changes that could alter a company’s business objectives. The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown is a good example of this.

Use Different Estimation Methods: The truth is, it takes time to develop an effective project estimating method to get the job done accurately. You may already be faced with various estimates of your fintech product idea, or face these estimates in the future. Each fintech App development company has its methodology, best practices, and experience as a basis for estimation (which clients may not fully understand).

There is no doubt that the future of fintech is bright. The cost of creating an application depends on various factors, such as the functionality you need in your application, the type of platform you need, the cost of developers, etc. Typically, financial applications cost anywhere from $20,000 to $1,00,000. Below is a list of features that took about hours to design and develop,

Instant transfer takes 24 hours
Fingerprint login takes 1h
Mobile phone P2P sending takes 36h
It takes 8h to add a new payee
Set spending limit for 8 hours
Voice banking application takes 40 hours
Chatbots in Messaging 60 Hours
Push notification 10h

Hire our reliable mobile app development partner and our team of experts will validate your ideas and suggest the best features you need to implement in your financial app for better results.




SEO Executive and a Content Writer interested to write on Artificial Intelligence, Mobile App development, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, HRM & tech Blogs

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Kalyani Tangadpally

Kalyani Tangadpally

SEO Executive and a Content Writer interested to write on Artificial Intelligence, Mobile App development, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, HRM & tech Blogs

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