Key Features of Restaurant
Table Reservation App Development

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Although there are many apps out there, many are poorly equipped and there are still many blind spots in the industry waiting for new solutions.

In the long run, every restaurant should be embedded in some type of automated reservation and delivery service. Waiting for a table or ordering food over the phone is not what people want today.

There are a lot of challenges that come with connecting different restaurants into one system. Some of those restaurants may not have any automation, no digital menu, no POS, no food order form on their website, and so on. New solutions must be universal and scalable first of all. They also need to be on the latest technology.

Benefits of Restaurant Reservation App development

1. Customer Loyalty, Referral Programs, and Growing ROI
Who wouldn’t want to know about all the latest discounts and promotions on the go? Smart mobile apps allow you to benefit from special offers. The punch-card system for buying things is outdated. Customers don’t like to check everything manually. That’s why apps dedicated to restaurant loyalty have come to the rescue. They show what users can get: discounts, seasonal offers, prizes, and more.

When investing your time and effort in restaurant app development, you need to decide how you will provide users with personalized customer experience. Promotional applications help you in this process. For example, they can send users of mobile apps for restaurants push notifications reminding them of current and upcoming deals or specified other benefits they can receive.

Finally, it’s important to offer incentives to everyone who promotes your business to other people. Consider developing referral programs. That includes offering rewards or discounts to people who sign up for your service through a special link or make a first purchase.

2. Attract a wider audience
Using geo-location marketing is among the primary benefits of building a restaurant facility. Localization has a direct impact on conversion rates. Restaurants may want to try various software development processes to reach potential local clients. Location-focused deals and iBeacon tech can help.

3. Improved Mobile Experience
By 2023, US smartphone users will exceed 310 million people. Naturally, many different applications are used daily. To serve these customers it will not be enough to create and optimize a restaurant website.

Restaurant mobile apps offer value for customers who prefer to consume information via smartphones. This kind of software offers customized user experience and a high level of customization, which will help you increase your client base.

4. Payment Options
When combined with the pre-order process, this can lead to surprising results. Personalization features that allow you to pay immediately, and reduce the amount of time clients spend in your restaurant. Make sure there are multiple payment options so that users can choose the most appropriate method. It is especially important when your clients are running out of time. Try to include multiple payment options at the development stage.

5. Better Introductions
When selecting priorities for your restaurant software development project, consider adding a rating and review section. Testimonials influence ranking. Tell customers that evaluating a restaurant and sharing quick reviews on a mobile app is better than doing so on social media platforms. Review apps help attract a wider audience.

6. Order and delivery
Owners of takeaway businesses can agree that orders sometimes make their lives a living hell. Answering endless phone calls and waiting in queues for angry customers is a nightmare. However, if you start a restaurant delivery app to place online orders, this will take the weight off your shoulders.

This feature will allow clients ordering food to their doorstep to monitor the progress of their order and estimate delivery time.

7. Added Social Proof
Restaurant social sharing software can also add proof. To do this, make sure that popular social networks are linked to your activity. Enable your satisfied customers to spread the word about your location on Instagram, Facebook or other media. This way, you increase your brand awareness and customer engagement.

Add an opportunity to connect to reputable restaurant review platforms. Events like this will help encourage more users to download and install your mobile application or visit your onshore coffee shop.

8. Entertainment
Finally, it can only be fun! Why not add some gamification elements to turn your restaurant app into an entertainment solution? You can create mini-games, quizzes, and different reward levels to encourage your customers to return to your restaurant.

You can get all these advantages if you partner with a seasoned Restaurant app development services provider who has a robust software solution for you from scratch

Restaurant Reservation App Development Features

1- Flexible menu access

This capability must be enabled in any online food ordering process. The method should be able to show how the dish is made, the list of ingredients and, where applicable, the inventory of customization options.

A menu which encourages online food ordering, thereby providing a clean and inviting interface for users. Therefore you should consider the design and optimization of a menu which is attractive and entertaining, if you are planning to create an app for restaurants.

2- Immediate table reservations

Even if your restaurant is small, it can be so popular that travelers struggle to find a seat. Maybe this restaurant is something high end that doesn’t take walk-in orders but instead allows them to reserve a table.

Either way, customers can make reservations on their mobile phones through the restaurant’s app. This helps reduce client frustration, which often comes with long waits to get a table and makes it easier to organize their evening.

3- Push notifications

These alerts can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, you can provide customers with information about upcoming events, promotional offers and discounts. This way, they can remind you of your restaurants and encourage them to come back again and again.

4- Communication within the app

What if someone used the app to answer your customers’ questions? Since artificial intelligence is a relatively recent technology in the restaurant industry, intelligent solutions can explore various questions and gain knowledge about the answer. They are still new to the restaurant world, but they bring a level of personalization that can set you apart.

5- Pre-order & customization

People tend to arrive late, so restaurant apps are frequently used by those who order food or place orders in advance. This feature is well defined in the Starbucks application.

Customers who place pre-orders electronically no longer have to wait in lines for their order to be processed and collected. Therefore, there is a very important need today for a feature that allows you to order food online.

6- Review & rating system

To help you improve your app, customer feedback is the simplest and best data to collect.

You need to constantly monitor and update the App to stay ahead of your competitors. A feedback mechanism that encourages users to share their ideas so that a better insight into clients’ needs can be gained can also be incorporated.

7- Loyalty points & rewards

More attention should be paid to customer loyalty who has been patient for many years. The best way to treat them is through loyalty programs that offer them vouchers, discounts and other perks that feel unique. Because they are using their mobile phone when they visit your home, the incentive will be used in a loyalty program.

8- Geolocation group

Imagine you own several coffee shops located in different cities or countries. In such a world, reliable restaurant management software becomes essential. You may manage all your locations with the help of it without any effort.

9- Online payment platforms

Give customers the option to pay online, with just one click, and from any of several payment methods

Bottom Line

Building your restaurant or delivery app is still a challenge if you don’t know the process, basics and requirements. With this blog, you can learn how digitization can help you in your restaurant and what type of restaurant app is right for you. With code-free Mobile app developers you are sure to reduce your development costs and stay ahead of your competitors.

At USM Systems, we offer restaurant app development on free plans because we know the cost of app development can be a challenge for newcomers. Thus use our website to turn your website into a feature rich application or build your application from scratch with our advanced feature builders. We assure you we will consider your brand image when dealing with us.



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