How Much OTT App Development Cost in 2024: Complete Guide

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OTT Application Development. Almost every person now streams their favorite show on the OTT platform. Most of us probably don’t remember the last time we had to wait for a show/series to air on television. It has been years since we binged on over-the-top (OTT) platforms.

With increasing user demands for personalized content, the need for OTT platform development has skyrocketed. Some prevalent examples of OTT services you may use would be Disney+, Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix, HBO Max, Vimeo, Hulu, and others.

Benefits of OTT Application Development
OTT apps have become popular over the years for the benefits they offer. Some of the major advantages of OTT applications are as follows:

Convenience and Flexibility

Individual activity

Cross-platform compatibility

The convenience and flexibility offered by OTT applications are major advantages. It allows users to view the required content from anywhere at any time using any internet-enabled device. Unlike traditional TV which relies on fixed broadcast times, OTT allows users to view media content according to their schedules.

Individual activity
By analyzing user behavior through an AI-driven recommendation system, OTT apps recommend personalized and relevant content for users, making it more engaging.

Cross-platform compatibility
To keep the user experience seamless, OTT applications offer cross-platform compatibility, i.e., they work on different platforms, allowing users to switch between devices.

Important OTT App Features

1. Payment Gateway
It is intended to create a secure payment gateway for users, allowing them to make quick and safe payments using bank transfers, e-wallets, debit and credit cards.

2. Audience analysis
The best way to improve customers’ experience is by recommending personalized content. The taste of any customer can be determined by their behaviour, ratings and screen time. Analyzing audience taste can help with consumer retention.

3. Maskana Barra
That’s one of the features your OTT app should have. Using this feature, one can easily find the movie or series that he/she is hoping to watch during his/her leisure time.

4. Multilingual Support
The well-known OTT platform offers its services in many countries. To enable this expansion, it is important to provide service in multiple languages so that a person can choose according to their comfort level.

5. Look at the back
This feature works like a bucket list where the user can store movies and series they want to watch in the future. It will also send a message reminding users of the content they want to consume.

6. Multiple Devices
Some like watching videos on their smartphones, while others enjoy watching them on a big screen. Therefore, it is important that the application runs smoothly on multiple devices; so that everyone can consume the content on any device of their choice.

7. Download/Offline
Not every OTT platform offers this feature; but it is more important. An unstable internet connection can lead to buffering and ruin the experience of watching videos. Therefore, using this feature, individuals can download content for offline viewing.

What are the Factors that Define the Quality of Video Streaming App?

If you are considering the idea of entering the entertainment business through video streaming app development, you need to know the factors that can determine your growth. You can expect better results by combining all the best practices.

Easy to use interface — The app should have a nice user interface and the interface should be easy to navigate & use. Dark mode is a feature that we recommend to improve application usability.

Multiple Login options — Providing users with multiple options to login such as mobile number OTP, Google login, Facebook Login, Email can make it easier to onboard users with multiple preferences

Glitch-Free — Technical glitches can slow down the audience. Imagine how annoying it would be if the app hung or crashed. They need to provide a seamless, comfortable, experience to the customer.

Positive Recommendations — The app should be designed in such a way that it provides insight into the customer’s preferences. You can always add similar videos that have more customer views and viewers. This is important in retaining viewers and, at the same time, increasing reach. We need to display relevant content for better discovery.

Viewing Options — A Video streaming app, even if designed and built for smartphones, doesn’t have to be limited to that. It should be able to throw it on the TV or watch videos on a tablet laptop. Limitations from viewing platforms can affect app acceptance.

Secure Payment Transactions — Online fraud is increasing day by day. The payment method you provide must be secure, with proper encryption. Even one mistake can have a cascading effect that affects your viewers. That could turn out to be bad for your video streaming app.

Bookmarks & Collections — Allowing users to bookmark content for later viewing is a must. The platform should also provide curated lists like “ Best Comedy Movies to Watch With Family”.

Offline Viewing — Offline viewing allows users to safely download and view content in the background without an internet connection. This is an important feature for a listener with unstable bandwidth.

Subtitles — Multilingual subtitle support is necessary to distribute your message to multiple audiences in different languages.

OTT Platform Development Cost

When considering the cost estimation of OTT video app development, below are a wide range of factors that it depends on.

A series of attributes that you use in your application.
It depends on the platforms on which the respective live streaming application will work.
It depends on the geographical location of the company that will help you with your development needs.
The OTT platform app can cost approximately $40,000 to $50,000 in the US, and if you want to develop it in India, it will cost you $15,000 to $25,000.



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