Cost to Develop an App like Shareit file sharing app

Kalyani Tangadpally
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File Sharing Apps: Are They Effective? Why do I need one when I can just use email to share whatever I want? If you have found yourself asking yourself these questions, this article is for you.

We all know that an organization is a network of people where everyone shares and collaborates on information to get things done. However, the sharing and collaboration part of the process is time-consuming and often risky, especially when using an inappropriate medium.

According to a survey, 54% of employees use personal email to transfer business documents and data. Are you putting sensitive company data at risk? Of course. Not only that… but they are also unnecessarily indulging themselves (and those who work with them) in a messy email trail, thus wasting the organization’s most valuable asset: time.

Now, there is only one solution to this problem. The most logical solution to our everyday file sharing and collaboration problems is to use cloud solutions like ProofHub, Box, and Dropbox. So, on that note, let’s explore the concept of file-sharing apps and answer some important questions. Starting with the most basic.

What are the advantages of sharing files?

Here are some key benefits you, your team, and your organization can expect when you choose to organize, share, and collaborate on data using a dedicated file-sharing app.


Using a file-sharing application makes accessing desired information easy, convenient, and instant while working on a given task or project. It reduces the amount of effort, time, and energy you normally spend on the above process and allows you to focus more on the performance and productivity part of the project management process.

Read; Cost to Develop an App like Shareit file sharing app

Reduced costs

In addition to the organization’s operating expenses, an organization is required to invest in its infrastructure to store, organize, share, and maintain files. However, by using the right file management system or file sharing tool, an organization can save the amount of money that would otherwise have been spent to install the aforementioned infrastructure.

Save time

Having a dedicated space for organizing, sharing, and collaborating on files not only saves the organization a lot of money. But more importantly, it allows professionals and teams within the organization to save a great deal of time that would have been spent manually searching and retrieving the required files/data.

Improved data integrity

Keeping business data secure is a real challenge. But with the right file management and sharing solution, accessing and sharing files while ensuring necessary security precautions and data integrity is easy to achieve.

Cost to Develop an App like Shareit file sharing app

Mobile apps come in all different sizes and types. there are gaming apps, productive apps, entertainment apps, business apps, educational apps, fintech apps, etc. The main objective behind the introduction of all these applications is to improve the life of the user in such a way that conventional practices are not going to be applied. a barrier to your lifestyle. A mobile app is a boom that comes on a smartphone.

Shareit is one of the popular file-sharing mobile apps that helps users to share files of massive sizes also within seconds. It helps users get rid of those days when they used to spend hours doing the same thing. This feature that Shareit offers has made it popular among all smartphone users and has led to the app becoming a huge hit.

The main purpose of the app was to remove all the hassle and hassle involved in the file-sharing process. It works for Android smartphones and has desktop software as well. However, due to recent events and the violation of the changed rules by the government, the app was banned in India. This has created a potential business opportunity for business owners to present highly successful and scalable business opportunities.

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