Benefits of Artificial Intelligence App in Education

Every time we open our Facebook news feed, do a Google search, get a product recommendation from Amazon or book an online trip, Artificial Intelligence (AI) works in this case. It has penetrated the business, healthcare, and social media and now it becomes the next big thing in education. Education is a catalyst that has the power to change the future of a nation.

Teachers spend a lot of time grading assessments and providing valuable feedback to students. This slows down the messy process. Software providers are coming up with better ways to grade written answers and articles. It improves teacher-student interaction. Therefore, AI does not eliminate human resources but helps them.

AI systems use the traditional syllabus to create customized textbooks for certain topics. As a result, textbooks are being digitized and new learning interfaces are being created to help students of all classes and ages. An example of such a mechanism is Chrome 101, which, along with flashcards and practical tests, uses AI to further understand and navigate textbook content with chapter summaries. Another useful AI interface is Netflix Learning, which allows professors to create electronic curriculum and educational information across multiple devices. Next includes online support programs, audio, and illustrated videos.

As Einstein rightly said, “Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live a life believing it to be stupid.” The situation is similar in the case of today’s national education system. The educational framework of a country should meet the needs of the people according to their capabilities and capabilities.

AI helps students with an independent study by studying more customizable tutoring and support applications. The software can now go beyond reading memorized facts for standardized tests by providing an experience that fits the level, comfort, and emotional state of the student. Different learning styles and mentalities can be considered in real-time, drastically improving results and helping students succeed.

Education has no limits and AI helps push boundaries. Technology is bringing about radical transformations by allowing anyone to learn any course from anywhere, anytime around the world. AI-based education equips students with basic IT skills. With more innovations, a wide range of courses will be available online. And, with the help of AI, students can learn anywhere.

AI plays a major role in solving these challenges. For example, AI platforms can quickly grade test papers and identify homework that can suggest recommendations to tutors on how to close personal learning gaps. Also, AI platforms can provide a wide range of learning information and tools — enabling faculty to quickly design and integrate curriculum and create customized student content that can be published on any digital platform.

By significantly reducing administration time, AI allows teachers to focus on providing a higher quality and more personalized educational experience for learners. This can be further supported by AI analyzes that show each student’s strengths and weaknesses, along with visual representations of their learning progress.

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In the future, schools will provide each student with their own AI-powered robot as a constant learning assistant and personal trainer. Already, robots are being developed that can detect a learner’s cognitive and emotional state by tracking mouse activity and keyboard use and provide immediate appropriate intervention to help achieve academic goals.

Such close AI-student collaboration does more than just dramatically improve learning outcomes.
It prepares students well to work with AI throughout their careers, encouraging them to learn AI and other IT skills that can significantly help bridge the current skills gap.

There are many other areas of formal education where AI is rapidly proving valuable:

Sorting admissions and registration processes Improving access to education by assisting learners with visual or hearing impairments or by connecting classrooms around the world using real-time language translations.

Optimizing the schedule of lessons, staff and alternative teachers
Initiation of early diagnosis of learning disabilities
Providing enhanced, personalized and collaborative virtual reality experiences that allow students to truly ‘feel’ learning content

AI technologies are personalizing, streamlining governance and improving learning outcomes in the corporate world, where progress is even faster.
To cater to the micro and macro learning needs of today’s business professionals, L&D departments are shifting from traditional, closed learning management systems to more flexible, AI-supported learning experience platforms.

These allow employees to plan their own learning pathways and learn what they want, when they want it and through the medium they like. Whether it’s through an official training video, industry article, podcast, web forum or clever chatbot.

Artificial intelligence tools can track a person’s office behavior, assess learning trends and priorities, and provide personalized learning recommendations based on past activity. All of these are returned to L&D teams through detailed AI analytics to help improve content creation, collection and delivery with cost effectiveness.

An important trend for the corporate market is to focus on learning chatbots and virtual mentoring tools, which, while developing natural language processing (NLP) technologies, engage learners smoothly and effectively by ‘speaking their language’.

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Kalyani Tangadpally

SEO Executive and a Content Writer interested to write on Artificial Intelligence, Mobile App development, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, HRM & tech Blogs

SEO Executive and a Content Writer interested to write on Artificial Intelligence, Mobile App development, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, HRM & tech Blogs