13 Top Innovative Mobile App Ideas To Fuel Your Startups in USA, 2021

Many technology startups in USA have made a name for themselves around the world.

Besides, mobile apps play a key role in reaching customers locally and globally. Businesses these days do not need any brick mortar store as the brand presence through the mobile app only fits in the customers. Moreover, the use of geo location technologies has made it possible to interact with consumers these days.

Therefore, small technology startups with a mobile application presence can help businesses stay in touch with their customers.

Helps increase traffic and creates brand awareness
A brand helps in creating a good image in the customer’s eyes and the existence of that brand’s mobile app plays a key role in creating a good brand image.

The most downloaded mobile app gets the most attention and high visibility than any other digital medium. Also, the app logo of any tech startup is always displayed on the users to help them easily develop the brand image among the smartphone users.

Besides, mobile applications play an important role in increasing website traffic to some extent.

Ultimately, a good and fluid mobile app user experience can help create a good impression and reputation for technology startups. Also, customer reviews and opinions can help create brand awareness.

Interaction among customers and creation of loyal customers
The production of organic traffic for the mobile app takes a lot of height and requires constant evaluation. Also, the mobile app likely does not depend on traffic. The mobile app is very consciously downloaded by the users and if it is liked among the users it will create loyal customers for a particular brand and business.

Mobile with great user experience is great from all other digital strategies. Provides access to the local mobile app experience anytime. Additionally, tech startups should provide device-optimized features so that the user experience of mobile applications can be improved and enjoyed. Therefore, the user experience of any mobile app is important in creating loyal customers for brands and businesses.

Technology startups should consider the above methods before embarking on the development phase of their mobile app (Mobile app development in USA) to run their day-to-day business operations. Also, they should keep in mind that the user experience of the mobile app plays an important role in getting new customers for the business. So examine these things carefully.

#1. Online Education App

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In the global quest towards digital transformation, education was one of the fastest growing industries at that stage during the coronavirus crisis. The platforms, solutions, and software that led to online learning during the epidemic have grown exponentially, with schools and learning centers facing closures and shutdowns during H12020.

Before the epidemic, the introduction of technology into education was this luxury; A shiny tool was appreciated for its invention, but it was not really realized until it became an absolute necessity. Investors around the world and VC Edtech’s potential is great, but works in a template manner that does not involve too many ventures. Then an epidemic struck, and investors no longer closed their eyes to Edtech because of the changes caused by the global crisis.

Here is a list of 7 Edtech startups in the USA that went full circle with online practice during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Udemy,
  • edX,
  • SoloLearn,
  • Photomath,
  • Google Classroom,
  • Duolingo,
  • Quizlet.

#2. How Entertainment App help Boost your Start Up?

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i) Bring theater to your place

You do not have to stand in a long queue if you run out of tickets when booking for movies. Start enjoying the same experience by using some entertaining apps. These include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Telegram and Indian applications such as Hotstar, G5, etc.

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In particular, in this lockdown situation, people find it difficult to watch movies. By having such apps, they can bring the impact of theaters at their homes. They can watch their favorite movies, series, live TV shows etc. at their own convenience.

Another great advantage is that you can replay things like watching mobiles in the theater / unlike TV shows. You can vote for our favorite contestants online, upgrade your membership, and enjoy your closed ones too.

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ii) Do any shopping anytime
Keep worrying about your shopping time! Get everything you need and pay instantly to deliver in a short period of time! From groceries, essential clothing, home appliances, cooking utensils, electronic peripherals, etc.

Payment can also be made without hassle as it comes with integrated payment gateway. Meanwhile, you also have the opportunity to easily track your product status. You will also receive its status via SMS along with the tracking link.

iii) The world at your fingertips
Connect with people regardless of where they live! There are tons of applications to make this come true. These include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Unlike other apps, you do not have to pay any fee to upgrade to enjoy the features here.

Connect with them easily, chat with them, share your photos / live location, and instantly make audio / video calls with them. Also, the messaging feature is completely secure with end-to-end encryption.

These apps come with Artificial Intelligence as a priority to capture the interest of the target audience and provide them with related services. This leads to many downloads and good reviews of them.

iv) Play until you get tired
Log in to Play / App Stores‌ and download your favorite gaming apps. It can belong to any category you like. In this pandemic crisis, apps like Pubb and Ludo have become hugely popular among young people.

In addition to these, there are also gaming apps related to cooking, knowledge is also available. They are completely clear and responsive, attracting all kinds of audiences. Moreover, most of these apps come with top technologies like Augmented & Virtual Reality to stay realistic.

Not to be bored, these apps also support multi-player games with texting features. You can even invite your friends, who will give you some presents.

v). Create your own identity
They may have their own identity with certain apps to showcase their talent. It includes apps like Blogger and Blog to come up with interesting content or websites of your personal or favorite choice.

For example, if you are good with photography, you can also open an Instagram business account to let your talented people know. Similarly, if you are good at cooking, you can upload your recipes on your personal blog and share them on various social media channels like Instagram, Facebook. You can also open a channel on YouTube.

vi). Stay updated with new trends
There are apps that can help you keep up to date with new trends in various industries. If you are unaware of the latest news happening in the industry, you can try news apps that can help you.

In addition to the news, there are also apps that can help you keep up with trends. Whether it’s cooking tips, life hacks, everything is easily accessible with just one click and download ahead.

vii). Brands Promotion
Marketing in the entertainment industry combined with mobile apps is hassle free. As people are more active on social media and news apps, the chances of a product becoming a “brand” are very immediate!

Additionally, it’s much easier to rank entertainment apps on the Play / App Store than on traditional websites.

#3. Mobile Games App Development for your Startups

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Casual games are related to entertainment applications. While the former could always argue that a fun guy would cut it, it was pretty much too addictive. Their growing demand only goes to show that people want to adjust their minds, reactions and even creativity.

Casual games can seem so simple at times that they seem to be designed for children. You will soon find that the greats provide the right balance between hard work and endless hours of entertainment.

Plants VS Zombies, Candy Crush, Angry Birds and Idle Slayer are in the test.

#4. Healthcare Online Consultation App

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Mobile applications allow providers to effectively streamline communication between patients, providers, and their caregivers, as well as the ability to personalize the patient’s health care as well as to manage the patient’s condition 24/7.
Applications provide organizational incentives such as reduced costs in workflow management. Providers influence mobile applications as a secure platform to manage and access important health care data without compromising the security of the data.

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You can meet a doctor or therapist anytime or anywhere using your phone or tablet.
Digital Health Platform that provides guided meditation sessions and holistic training.
Healthcare apps make it easy to manage multipleations, manage health information and access health services from your smartphone.

#5. Cab-hailing App

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The advent of technology has made the world so much better. So far, we do not see any area where technology has not had an impact. Rail-hailing service is a modern way of getting a private taxi for transportation instead of the old traditional way of standing at a bus station or on the street.

Companies like Uber, ola, are making strides in the transportation industry. Using mobile apps and services to enhance the transportation experience is unbelievable. Let’s see how they have contributed to the progress of the transport industry.
* Saves time and money
* Less stress for passengers and driver
* You do not need to know the ways
* Location tracking facility

#6. Shopping App

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Apps allow retailers to collect customer data such as usage habits, content preferences, user positions, and movement patterns. These provide valuable insights into shopping habits that can create more comprehensive customer profiles and more engaging interactions into your company CRM.

Apps are a powerful touchpoint that can enhance the overall shopping experience and increase customer retention

#7. Social Networking App

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The internet has changed the way people interact with each other as well as the work culture and those changes first arise on social media sites. That’s why social networks are so important for apps.

Social media helps people build better relationships with their family and friends and now networking sites‌ also show their importance for apps.

So people spend more time browsing social sites online and consumption only increased as the use of smartphones and tablets increased.

Mobile devices are gaining more space among the people as compared to other means of internet facility. This is because prices and plans are becoming more affordable and accessible.

Mobile access encourages people to always stay online, encouraging them to spend more time on social media.

#8. Cooking Assistant App

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Since technology has made so many things easier, there is no reason not to do things like cooking and enjoying food. From exploring recipes to setting up your smart blender via your smartphone, technology enables easy navigation through the kitchen world.

Cooking Assistant App enables to you to cook any recipe that you want using Voice assistance, commands etc.

#9. Food Delivery App

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The food industry is reviving with the help of technology. There is a huge advancement in technology that can help restaurants and food delivery businesses alike.

Online food ordering is the process of delivering or taking out food from local restaurants or food collaborations through a web page or app.

Similar to ordering consumer goods online, these services often allow customers to keep accounts with them to make ordering more convenient. According to various researches, 60–85% of people like apps on mobile websites. Although it costs more to make a food ordering app than building a website, it is definitely worth it.

Reasons to build food delivery app are

  • The menu appears:
  • Offer mobile ordering for delivery or takeaway
  • Use location-awareness notifications to connect more with customers:
  • Great performance:
  • Real-time application tracking of delivery;
  • Push notifications;
  • Easy payment system;
  • GPS search near restaurants.
  • More notable:
  • Good interface:
  • Discounts & Deals for Customers:

#10. Grocery App

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Mobile apps have changed the entire retail industry. Of these, the grocery business has grown exponentially over the past three years.

Various startups, SMEs, and companies have started shifting their grocery store business online by developing feature-rich grocery mobile applications. You may be wondering how to open a grocery store and pick it up online? Then this post will help you plan. InstaCart, Amazon Fresh, Peapod etc. are some of the popular grocery apps available in the market.

Grocery mobile apps are popular because they can effectively meet people’s grocery needs from the comfort of their own home.

#11. Travel App

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Features that make your travel app better (or worse) than your competitors in the same industry. There are already hundreds of mobile tourism apps and if you do not have a unique app you should add some or all of the following tourism app features to your app.

  • Travel planning features such as destination
  • Navigation and Maps Every travels mobile app is a must-have, regardless of the basic purpose of the specific app.
  • An app booking feature that allows customers to book for hotels, planes, trains, cabs, etc. while traveling through a single app.
  • Reviews & Recommendations that customers see when checking the reliability of a hotel, transportation, or another travel-related service.
  • Provide an option for it in your application.
  • The local area information and city transportation guides in your app help tourists get around the city easily.
  • Many travel apps now come with an integrated translation facility to make it easier for tourists to overcome the language barrier when visiting a foreign language speaking country.
  • Weather forecast is another feature you can consider including in your mobile travel app as every mobile traveler wants to know the weather condition of the place he/she is going to visit. How Much Does it cost o develop a Travel App

Some of the other features that a travel application has — dedicated user account, filters, search facility, currency converter, social integration, world clock, itinerary generator, washroom finder, Wi-Fi finder, dating & networking, event listing, and booking, etc.

Your application may or may not have all of these features depending on its main purpose. However, when creating a mobile app for a travel agency you should at least include basic things like maps and a blog.

#12. Language Learning App

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Advantages of language learning applications used in smartphones such as iPhone, Android, etc.). Newer generation mobile phones are now more sophisticated and can handle complex applications and multimedia. For example, the iPhone has a powerful processor that allows it to run intensive applications such as 3D games.

So what are the benefits of language learning applications compared to traditional methods (evening classes, books, etc.)?

  • Learn anywhere and anytime
  • Never waste time again
  • Proceed at your own pace without obstacles
  • Multimedia and interactivity make language learning applications fun

#13. Fitness App

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The goal of these apps is to keep your lifestyle healthy by tracking your diet, water intake, and exercise patterns. Some apps also track your heart rate and blood pressure, which can be beneficial for people with BP.

  • Some health fitness applications Development also include a health coach who can help achieve client goals

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  • Advantages of fitness apps
  • Monitors your diet
  • Monitor your progress
  • Provides free health and fitness tips
  • Track your footsteps
  • Provides personal health trainers
  • Makes you motivate

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